Getting to Sark

Travelling to Sark & finding your accommodation

There is no airport on Sark so the only way to travel to and from the island is by ferry from either Guernsey or Jersey.

The best way to get here is to travel to Guernsey first and then onwards to Sark using The Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd, which is owned by the island of Sark and operates a regular passenger service between Guernsey and Sark throughout the year.

Below are various links to help you plan your travel to Sark plus, once you have arrived on Sark, details of how to label you luggage and directions to your accommodation at Clos de la Tour.

Between Guernsey & Sark Regular Passenger Ferry Service

Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd

Operates a daily passenger service between Sark & Guernsey between April & September and a limited passenger service between October and March. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes and you can book online.
Telephone: 01481 724059

Between Guernsey & Sark Private Charter Ferry Service

Boat: Te Ahora, licensed to carry 12 passengers

Skipper: Ray Lowe
Telephone: 07781 149696

Boat: Access Challenger, licensed to carry 12 passengers

Skipper: Buzz White
Telephone: 07781 147477

Between England & Guernsey by air

Telephone: 01481 267267


Telephone: 0344 800 2855

Between England & Guernsey by Ferry

Condor Ferries

This service also travels to Guernsey from St Malo and Jersey
Telephone: 0345 609 1026

Between Jersey & Sark by Passenger Ferry Service

Manche Iles Express (Summer service only)
This service also travels to Sark from Granville & Cartaret via Jersey

Between Jersey & Sark by Private Charter Service

Jersey Seafaris

Telephone: 07829 772222



All luggage has to be manhandled on Sark and therefore the weight limit is 25kg per item. We will pay the cost of 1 item of luggage per person booked to be transported to and from the Harbour,  but if you have more than the equivalent of 1 item per person we will pass the cost of transportation of the additional items on to you at the rate charged by our luggage carter which is currently £1.50 per item each way.

Our Luggage Carter on Sark is Jimmy’s Carting and you can obtain his green labels free of charge when you collect your ferry tickets to Sark from either The Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd office in Guernsey or the Manche Iles Express office in Jersey. Please use Jimmy’s green labels to label your luggage from Guernsey or Jersey to Sark so that your luggage can be easily identified and delivered to your accommodation upon your arrival on Sark. One of Jimmy's green labels should be attached to each item of luggage, with your name and the name of your accommodation at Clos de la Tour (Garden Apartment / Loft Apartment / The Cottage / Top Apartment) written on each label.

When you arrive at the harbour on Sark, if you are travelling with The Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd you can leave your labelled luggage on the ferry and Jimmy will ensure that it is taken off the ferry and delivered to your accommodation at Clos de la Tour, usually within two hours of your arrival on Sark.

If you have travelled with Manche Iles Express you will be required to carry your own luggage off the ferry but you can then leave it at the top of the harbor steps and Jimmy will then deliver it to your accommodation at Clos de la Tour.

Directions to your accommodation

After disembarking the ferry walk through the tunnel and you will see a tractor pulled bus which will transport you to the top of Harbour Hill, the cost is £1.20 per adult but it is probably the best £1.20p that you will spend during your visit to Sark! The bus will take you as far as the Bel-Air Inn at the top of Harbour Hill and it will then take you approximately 6 minutes to walk to Clos de la Tour.

From the Bel-Air Inn continue walking up the last little bit of hill and go straight across the crossroads into ‘The Avenue’ which is Sark’s High Street. Continue walking and you will see the Gallery Stores & Post Office on your right, turn right immediately after the Gallery Stores heading towards St Peters Church and you will pass a very large derelict house on your right. Continue walking past this house and you will then see a gateway on your right, walk into the gateway and enter Clos de la Tour through the large wooden gates leading to your left, once through the gates take the first footpath on your left to the Loft Apartment, the Garden Apartment and the Top Apartment, the third turning on the left will take you to The Cottage.